5 effective strategies to encourage your teenager to prepare for the ACT

How can I get my teenager to prepare for the ACT so that they can score high?

Today’s blog contains my answer and you may be surprised how easy this can be done.

(1) Tell your daughter or son if they achieve a high ACT score and are admitted to college tuition-free, then you will buy them a new car. This strategy works well because your teenager would like to have a new car to drive to college and  YOU have the car as an asset.

(2) Tell your daughter or son a low score on the ACT Math or English test will result in them retaking this class in college. Remedial classes are a big business in colleges these days and I saw how this works first hand as a college math professor.

(3) Communicate your faith in them and their abilities to achieve a great ACT score.

(4) Design a study space at home and help them clear their schedule so that they have time to devote to ACT preparation.

(5) Buy your teenager an ACT test preparation class. An ACT Preparation class or one on one coaching, like Finn Prep offers, helps to structure their study and keep working until the test date.




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