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Great Score = Great College

Many families don’t know that the ACT is the key to boosting scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and to increasing their teen’s chances of getting into the right college. 

In many ways, the ACT is the gateway to your child’s future. 

At FinnPREP, we make ACING the ACT easy. Whether your teen has never taken the ACT or has taken it several times and is still not happy with his or her score, we’re here to help. 

The ACT is divided into several sections. FinnPREP tutors, all of whom hold advanced degrees, help students improve subject-matter knowledge in English, reading, math and science; and also help them feel more confident going into the exam. 

Our test prep strategies are designed to meet the specific needs of each family we serve. Our goal is to make your college prep journey simple and stress-free. 

ACT Test Prep Packages

High School Tutoring