Are you interested in SAVING $40,000-$200,000 on the Cost of a College Education?

There are more than 5 Steps however we handle them all

See how our expert guidance and personalized approach can help you stand out from the crowd. Our customers find that working with us saves them time and breaks up the overwhelming process into manageable pieces that fit into a busy schedule.

Our College Admission Consulting Package Includes:

INITIAL CONSULTATION  We meet with each student individually or along with their parents. During this first meeting we get a sense of where you are in the process. Have you done some research on your own? Is there a particular field of study you’re drawn to? Do you have any restrictions, concerns or requirements in terms of location, cost, athletics or special needs? Once we get a feel for your expectations and where you are in the process, we start to formulate a plan. We make sure to understand you in the context of your school, family, and community environment.

PERSONALIZED ACTION PLAN  We provide a personalized action plan, detailed deadline schedule, and regular communication to make sure your teen and you are aware of the responsibilities and stay on track.

RESUME BUILDING The resumes we develop for our students serve two purposes. First, we develop an overview sheet in a standard resume format. Then we create an activities sheet that will be used to complete the Common Application when the time comes. The resume can be used for college interviews, to apply for summer jobs and internships, and can be provided to teachers and counselors for recommendations.

APPLICATION SUPPORT The Common Application has a limited space in which to present your activities and interests. We provide guidance on how to display your accomplishments within the confines of the Common Application. Our goal is that your application is authentic, shows genuine interest in the school you are sending it to, and tells the true story about you in a way that gets noticed by admissions officers.

ESSAY EVALUATION The college application essay is the one opportunity on the application to speak to the reader in your own voice. We provide brainstorming sessions to get the wheels turning, essay evaluation and editing. We cover the Personal Statement and everything in between. Our goal is that the essays you submit to colleges truly reflect your individuality and are both moving and personal. We’ll help draw out your voice, but we won’t speak for you.

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION We provide a customized letter of recommendation signed by a Ph. D. to raise the level of your teen’s application materials.

APPLICATION TIMELINE We keep your applications on track with a timeline that outlines each school’s due dates for application, test scores, recommendations, interviews, transcripts, scholarships and more to ensure no application components or deadlines are missed.

ONGOING SUPPORT We provide full access availability for our clients via text, email, phone, or in person. Our lines of communication are open for our students and their parents. Feedback on three college tuition award letters.