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About FinnPREP

FinnPREP is Iowa’s Leader in Academic Tutoring and College Counseling

Preparing a child for college entrance exams and the college admissions process is challenging. There are test dates to remember and college essays and forms to complete. And then there’s the question of financial aid and scholarships. SOS!

At FinnPREP, our individualized academic tutoring program help overwhelmed parents and teens prepare for college in ways that no other test prep or college counseling service can. We create a plan as unique as your teen and bring together a team of experts to support them (and you) through the entire process.

We have already helped hundreds of teens get into the college of their choice, many with scholarships. Success starts here!

Summer is the Best Time to Prep for the ACT

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What Can We Help You with Today?

ACT Preparation

FinnPREP will boost your teen’s knowledge and skills in specific subject areas and provide the coaching they need to go into the ACT exam with the right mindset.

AP Test Prep & Tutoring Services

FinnPREP tutors work with teens to improve their grades and prepare them to take rigorous Advanced Placement exams.

College Admissions Counseling

It’s time to start thinking about the next step in their education: College. This is where FinnPREP’s college counseling and scholarship expertise comes into play.

Why FinnPREP?

Guidance and Support for the Whole Family

At FinnPREP, successful academic tutoring means working with the whole family—parents and teens—to create an academic atmosphere at home that promotes learning and success. After years of working with teens to prepare them for high-stakes exams, we know it’s essential to have buy-in from teens and parents so everyone knows what’s expected.

While teens meet and work with our tutors, our academic tutoring staff communicates with parents to appraise them of their teen’s progress. Parents can expect to receive texts, emails, or phone calls from us after every session. We know you’re busy, but we also know you care about your teen’s success.

Unlike some tutoring companies, FinnPREP is locally owned and employs tutors who live in our community. For college counseling and admissions, we draw on a national network of professionals to boost our homegrown talent. Our goal is to bring peace of mind to you that your teen will be ready for their college journey.

By the Numbers

Proven Results

of FinnPREP students increase their ACT score after a single tutoring session.

of FinnPREP students increase their class grade by a full letter after they meet with a tutor 10 times.


From Parents & Students


If you are looking for a way to help your child boost his ACT score, this is the place. My son worked had one on one tutoring sessions with Kelly. I have to admit, I was a little reluctant as I did not think there was any chance he would boost his score to the level he needed to attend his dream school. The environment was very safe and supportive. My son felt very good going into his September test after 4 private sessions. The results were an increase in 5 points. My son will now be able to attend the out of state school he has been dreaming about because he qualified for a huge scholarship. Do not hesitate to use Finn Prep. The investment is well worth it in the long run. Thanks for all your help, Kelly!

Sarah R., Des Moines IA
Proud Parent

We were so pleased with the help Kelly’s course provided to our son. He ended up with a terrific score! Our son even noted that he did better in Algebra 2 after working with Kelly. I so appreciate what Kelly accomplishes in such a short time. She really targets what they need to achieve higher scores.

Karin Ford, Cedar Rapids IA
Proud Parent

Kelly is working with my son to prepare to re-take the ACT test and to prepare for college. She has customized training lessons and techniques to maximize his learning potential. She cares about his progress and takes it personally if he is not progressing. Ben enjoys working with Kelly and I'm confident he will succeed as a result.

Keith Hanna, Cedar Rapids IA
Proud Parent

Finn Prep will help your child achieve the ACT score for their college aspirations. We chose Finn Prep for 1:1 tutoring of my daughter for the ACT. Finn Prep gave my daughter priceless skills in a positive environment. Finn Prep gave her the confidence she needed to realize her goals! I highly recommend Finn Prep to prepare your child for the ACT.

Lecia Pewe Epping, Iowa City IA
Proud Parent

Kelly at Finn Prep is very dedicated to all of her students. She works very hard to help them achieve their best score on the ACT. Her services are a huge benefit to any family!

Melissa Miller, Cedar Rapids IA
Proud Parent