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Student Success Starts Here

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FinnPREP Team

Find the Right Teacher For Your Needs

One of the biggest things that sets FP apart from other test prep and gifted & talented services is our teachers.

So, whether your teen needs to be challenged in math or reading, or whether they need help preparing for an exam or college essay, we will find the right teacher to work with them.


The FinnPREP path to Unlocking Potential

Fostering Giftedness

FinnPREP delivers academic excellence and transformational experiences to advanced learners in grades 6-12.

Founded in 2012, FinnPREP fosters intellectual growth in exceptional students from all backgrounds and communities. As a leader in gifted education and advocacy,

FinnPREP provides:

  • Advanced on campus courses often not found in school
  • Personalized instruction
  • An inclusive community of peers who share a passion for learning

FinnPREP Philosophy

Preparing Teens for the Next Phase

FinnPREP Founder Kelly Finn believes in tutoring and test prep that is academic and rigorous, but also supportive and encouraging.

All tutors at FinnPREP know how to teach their subject, but also how to teach teens how to organize their time and work efficiently. Tutors are a bit like coaches: they instruct them and root for their success.

At FinnPREP, we vet every tutor before we hire them, ensuring that they bring the highest-level possible of subject-area expertise and coaching ability. We try to hire tutors who live in our community and who have graduated from local universities and colleges.

Entrepreneur, professional test taker, and experienced college mathematics teacher. Passionate about helping kids increase their ACT score and pursue their professional dream of a college education. Our students have averaged a 5-point increase over the last 8 years

We teach kids and teens productive persistence toward the goal of achieving a high ACT score. Our ACT Prep tutoring sessions train teens to perform at peak performance on the ACT and in high school.

FinnPREP Method

The FinnPREP Path to Success

Customized Plan

During the first meeting with a teen, our tutors listen carefully to identify areas of weakness and low confidence. After this initial assessment, tutors create a tutoring and study plan to address these areas specifically. As a teen improves, the tutor continues to assess and make changes to the plan.

Regular Updates

Parents play an essential role in preparing their child for college and career success, and so at FinnPREP, we communicate often with parents about their teen’s progress. Tutors share practice test scores and grades with parents and help them understand what their teen needs in terms of additional encouragement or assistance at home.

Teens are more likely to make positive strides if they know their parents are cheering them on.

Confidence Building

Many teens are convinced they can’t succeed in a particular subject at school. Once this idea takes hold, teens need extra help to regain their confidence and feel good about their work. At FinnPREP, our tutors show teens how to tackle math or science problems to reduce stress. As teens learn how to solve these problems, they regain their sense of pride and participate more actively in the classroom.

An Investment in Tomorrow

College is a considerable investment, and so it’s essential to make sure that your teen is entering college with good study and organizational skills. Everything that your teen learns at FinnPREP is transferrable to the lecture hall, which means they will be more likely to perform well in college.

FinnPREP tutoring and test prep also set your teen up to score high on Advanced Placement exams and the ACT, which could mean significant scholarship money. We have helped hundreds of teens receive scholarships. An investment in your teen’s academic success could save you money—a lot of it.