Do NOT Ask Your Teenager These 5 ACT Prep Questions

by | Jun 19, 2021 | ACT Preparation, Motivation to score high

Parents want to help their teenager prepare and score high on the ACT exam. As parents, we do not know what to ask or how to ask about their ACT test preparation. Having raised two teenagers and prepared 100s of students that increased their ACT score an average of 4 points, below are the I five questions I suggest you NOT ask:

!. Did you take that practice test?
2. What was your ACT score on the practice test? Only an ACT of _______?
3. The ACT is a hard test and we need to save money on college tuition. How do you think you will score?
4. You are wasting time on video games; get busy. How much time are you spending on taking practice tests?
5. I hope you are a better test taker than I was. Why are you afraid to study and waiting until the last minute?

First, I believe all teenagers who want to go to college, want to do well on the ACT. Second, they are dealing with a number of life and emotional changes. These changes and circumstances may mean they appear as if they do not care about much of anything; let alone preparing for another test. In next week’s (11/6/2017) blog, I will suggest other questions to ask which will create a better environment for you and your teenager to communicate about preparing for the ACT. By improving the way you communicate gives your teenager a better chance at achieving a high ACT score.

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